‘Less is more’

Ludwig Meis van der Rohe

Faced with an Instructor Operating Station (IOS) bristling with toys and lots of malfunctions and emergencies it is possible for a lesson to descend into farce with one emergency piled on to another. The temptation is to be resisted at all costs. Abuse of the emergency panel is a common and unforgiveable failing. The learning process is not about maximising the NUMBER of emergencies but the RETENTION of the lessons learnt after the ‘flight’ is over.

Two or possibly more malfunctions may be encountered in a LOFT scenario but the lesson plan must be well defined so as to keep a basic level of reality. When you create impossible and unrealistic multi-failure situations the effect is the same as applying too much pressure – they will give up ‘playing the game’. Remember all parties are contributing to this artificial ‘reality’ by choosing to ‘believe’. As soon as one of the group gives up then the value of the lesson is greatly diminished.