Geoff Newman – Flight Instructor

As an enthusiast for Evidence Based Training, (EBT) Geoff has promoted the concept of ‘teaching for competency’ rather than the traditional approach to training and testing, which has proved to be inadequate in so many ways. EBT makes use of simulators and scenario-based training to maximise the benefits that flight simulation can deliver.

Geoff knows from his research and from anecdotal evidence that the quality of simulator training is proving to be very variable. If you want to be sure that the money spent on simulator training achieves maximum value then we recommend a regular audit of the training delivered by your provider. The objective of every training programme is for your pilots to leave more competent than when they arrived. Does your programme achieve this?

We look forward to discussing how Geoff can help your company achieve higher standards and achieve maximum benefit from your training programme at the earliest opportunity.

Geoff began his aviation career in the Fleet Air Arm of the British Royal Navy. He received his flight instructor training at the RAF Central Flying School and achieved A2 status on both the Sea King and Wessex helicopters. As Training Officer for both types he was responsible for the operational training of anti-submarine pilots. The rather rudimentary full motion simulator built for the Sea King in the 1970’s was his first taste of the remarkable capabilities of what was then a technology new to the world of helicopter pilot training.

After leaving the Navy Geoff worked in the challenging world of the North Sea before serving as a flight and simulator instructor with British Caledonian Helicopters where he also qualified as an Authorised Examiner with the UK CAA.  More experience was gained training pilots on the MBB105, the Bell 206 Jet Ranger and the Bell 47.

During a career of over 45 years Geoff accumulated more than 11,000 flying hours including 1,000+ hours instructing. Since 2006 he has taught at the Agusta Westland Training Academy in Italy. He has delivered over 3,000 hours of simulator instruction on the AW139 helicopter and during that time has taught 400 students from 52 different countries. He has a wealth of experience teaching a huge variety of students from every corner of the globe.


Geoff’s experience covers many types of helicopter operation including:-


Long range, short range, deep water, shallow water, temperate, tropical, onshore based and offshore based.


Chief Pilot (and founding father) Cornwall Air Ambulance, Chief Pilot London Air Ambulance


SAR Captain in the Royal Navy, SAR Captain in the Irish Coastguard operation at Shannon.


Chief Pilot Strathclyde Police ASU, Line Pilot Metropolitan Police, London.


Air Hanson – Heads of state and members of the UK and overseas royal families. British Caledonian, i/c Papal visit to Scotland. KLM ERA UK – Prime Minister of Malaysia


Politicians, celebrities, corporate leaders


Operations on behalf of various plc organisations.


Greenland, UK (Isles of Scilly), Lundy Island.

Spain, Ceuta to Malaga shuttle.


Pilot of ‘subject’ helicopters in movies, pilot of ‘camera’ helicopter in movies, TV shows and advertisements.


Military and commercial sling activities.


For PPL students


Military and commercial training on single piston, single turbine and twin turbine light, medium and heavy types.

Services Offered

  • Training needs evaluation
  • Course design and supervision
  • Training audits
  • Production of training materials
  • Evaluation of training schools