The primary aim of this website is to help encourage the effective use of flight simulation in the rotary wing world and provide a forum for the discussion of relevant aspects of teaching in this challenging environment.

To get things off to a flying start I have written a booklet that attempts to explain, discuss and record the many lessons I have learnt during a 49 year career in aviation. The working life of the SFI is one characterised by its loneliness, Sim instructors like most teachers work alone so the opportunities for exchanging knowledge, tips and tricks is minimal. The blog on this website is there for teachers and students alike to record their constructive comments about how the learning process can be enhanced. It can also be used to record shortcomings – the first step towards correcting a problem is to know about the problem in the first place.

My booklet is entitled ‘CONFESSIONS OF A SIM INSTRUCTOR” with a subtitle  ‘or The Things I Learnt at School’. Each month a new chapter will be added to the blog and all will be available to download (as .PDF) and assemble into the complete booklet.

Geoff’s primary activity is teaching as an AW139 SFI but he is available as an advisor to any rotary wing organisation seeking to optimise their training regime. Sim training is not cheap so ensuring that you get value for money and make the most of the training time is critical. This particularly applies if your company does not make use of factory ATO instructors.